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Meet The Planners

Natalie Dawley

Wedding Planner + Owner

When I opened the doors at Two Be Wed in 2006, I chose to define success as something beyond just Two Be Wed growing and prospering. Our founding vision was (and always will be) to raise the standard of the ‘wedding event’ in Houston – throughout Texas, and to any destination our clients want to travel. After more than 12 years our mission has been successful, and the Two Be Wed planning philosophy continues to inspire everyone we work with in the industry to reach for new levels of creativity and expertise.

Two Be Wed planners have consistently provided the kind of exceptional service that eliminates any undue stress on our clients, so they can get the greatest amount of enjoyment out of their engagement. When the big day arrives, our clients tell us they feel more confident and assured because of the experiences they had with us along the planning journey. And after it’s all over, Two Be Wed clients say they remember us for being efficient, creative, resourceful, and reassuring!

Danyett Baxter

Our wedding day was completely magical and was literally the best day of our lives and it is all thanks to Danyett and the Two Be Wed team. From the very beginning Danyett was creative, resourceful, professional and totally in tune with our vision. Her talents were key in helping us select a color scheme, hiring the perfect videographers, crafting our ideal menu and so much more. Every second of our planning was productive yet filled with laughter.

Mallory Ferreira

Mallory with Two Be Wed was beyond perfect! I don’t know what I would have done without her. She was always calm and friendly while being super organized and on top of everything. As an out of town bride it was stressful to plan my wedding from afar, but Mallory was so helpful and always so prompt with emails. The day of my wedding I had complete confidence that everything would run smoothly. I would highly recommend Mallory!

Sava Sipe

To know her is to love her. A foodie and fashionista - carefully crafting timeless looks for that occasional selfie, Sava stands out from the crowd and yet has a unique ability to make everyone else feel like they are the special guest of honor. As much as she loves a party, she is equally content living the lake life and spending quality time with her parents and boyfriend. What does she offer her clients? Creative ideation, careful attention to detail, and a shoulder to cry on. With Sava Sipe on your side, you’re winning. Full stop.

Michelle Potts

I highly recommend Michelle Potts! She’s easy to talk to, so friendly to work with, made me laugh when I wanted to cry, and made my mom and me feel important every time we were with her. My fiancé was concerned I wouldn’t be able to relax on the wedding day, but planning with Michelle gave me peace of mind to embrace the day.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel is so patient and helpful and makes every meeting so fun and productive! She has a way of keeping the planning process lively, but is also very organized and professional. The vendors she recommended were awesome and reliable. I am so grateful for all that she did to make our event a huge success!

Ashley Joseph

It’s simple. Without Ashley Joseph of Two Be Wed; our wedding day would have been trouble. From assisting us with all our ideas and creatively figuring out ways to represent our style to making sure that I had a tissue before I walked down the aisle; she was our everything.
The day of was perfectly timed, and planned out - and her presence allowed us to be truly present; which was a blessing.

Yvette Valdenegro

Yvette was amazing! She helped us stay on track and made sure we had everything ready before the wedding. On our wedding day, we got so many complements about how perfectly everything went… and it’s because of how well organized Yvette was! I didn’t have to worry about anything, I was able to relax, get ready in the bridal suite, and have a fantastic night! We weren’t sure of the value of hiring a planner initially, but it really was the best thing we did.

Maya Hisse

Maya has been such a pleasure to work with! We loved her vision, responsiveness, decisiveness, sage, advice, silliness, and so much more! We are so thankful for all she did for us- we could not have designed our wedding without her guidance. We had some interesting family dynamics and Maya knew exactly how to advise us so that there wasn’t any issue on our wedding day. Everyone came together despite any differences to celebrate our love.

Abby Mejia

Abby Mejia was our wedding angel! She thought of everything as she was so detail oriented and mindful of our budget. As the mother of the bride, I was able to not worry about anything and was truly able to be present at my daughter’s wedding with our friends and family. All of their friends thought this was the most fun wedding they have ever attended. It was absolutely perfect!

Melissa Garza

Melissa does not crack under pressure! She was my rock on my wedding day. There were a lot of moving parts and my family was not the easiest to take direction. She remained cool, calm, confident, and professional. Melissa was exactly the right person for the job. Because of her, we could fully let go and enjoy ourselves. Two Be Wed literally kept the family together!

Rachel Low

Rachel brought a level of enthusiasm and excitement to our planning that was unexpected. She helped us clarify our vision for our wedding day and brought all of the pieces to the puzzle together. The wedding planning went from overwhelming to fun after we hired Rachel. We’re so thankful for Rachel and glad we hired Two Be Wed!

Brianne Richardson

Brianne was a lifesaver. No one in our family had ever planned a wedding and we were clueless!! She was so organized, detailed oriented, and helped guide us through every step of the way. Her down to earth personality made us feel comfortable like we were planning with our best friend. The wedding ran smoothly and we had a blast.